Do you have a Land Titles Online account yet?

We are pleased to announce that Land Titles Online accounts are now available to any business or individual client. There is no charge to obtain access, only the statutory search fee when you find what you are looking for and want to order it from the cart.

Clients who meet the Registrar-General’s requirements for title search by personal name (as outlined in the Directive issued April 23, 2015) will continue to be granted a full access account to the system.

Clients who do not meet the personal name search requirements can now be granted a modified access account, which allows them to take advantage of all of the other system features, including:

  • Access to the Land Titles Online Workspace and file management system.
  • Ability to pay for searches using a deposit account.
  • Ability to replenish deposit account balances using Teranet Manitoba’s automated account top-up feature.

To request access to Land Titles Online, please return a completed Client Application Form to our Client Services Team.

For more information about Land Titles Online you can reach our Client Service Team at, 1-844-737-5684 or through the chat feature on our website.

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Registered Clients: Effective Monday, February 26, 2024, you’ll log in using your email address and current password through a streamlined login menu.